In the 1800’s, “Manila Ylang-Ylang oil” was considered the best and the finest. The Philippines had a virtual monopoly of the world’s supply. Subsequently, the French navigators introduced the fragrant Philippine tree to their colonies, after realizing Ylang-Ylang’s economic potential in the perfume industry. Vast commercial plantations were developed in […]

Project Ylang-Ylang: Bringing Back The Philippines On Top

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The holidays bring about feelings of nostalgia, of warmth and joy and, undeniably, of stress. It’s that one season that could ignite all of our senses at once – from cozy thoughts of the family getting together over delicious noche buena to a dreaded view of pressure and anticipation from […]

It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas

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  Christmas is just around the corner and as it is the season of joy, it is too the season of giving. As we celebrate love, happiness and peace with loved ones each year, the tradition of gift-giving lives on.  It fills the holiday season with delight and more excitement, […]

Tis’ the Season of Giving!

Building Your Fragrance Library
  Someone once said, “Reading is dreaming with your eyes open.” The more you read, the deeper the connection with and knowledge you’ll have about the object of your passion. So for every budding perfume enthusiast out there who pleases to ignite their passion, here are three must-read books to […]

Building Your Fragrance Library

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It happened one Christmas day, you unwrapped presents and found nothing but the usual until you uncovered a box of perfume and thought to yourself, “I feel special.” You then took a whiff and right there and then, knew two things – yes, it smelled good and yes, you found […]

The Beginnings of a Perfumista

It was the beginning of the twenties and traces of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s troubled past have seeped into the empire that she’s become. With successful boutiques, a lavish villa and a luxury car to her name, you could say she was a phenomenon couturier, the belle of the Parisian elite. […]

The Iconic Chanel No. 5

Scent Marketing: The Next Big Thing
There are certain scents that hold the ability to create long-lasting memories and bring forth positive emotions from a single experience. Imagine if the smell of the ocean breeze on a hot summer’s day can take you back to your happiest moments by the beach. It was only a matter […]

Scent Marketing: The Next Big Thing

Apple CInnamon
In perfume making, oriental is one of the fragrance families included by Michael Edwards in the fragrance wheel. It is no wonder as the orient has had a strong history of the influence of scents, specifically aromatherapy. We have written down for you two of the most influential oriental countries […]

Bow To The East: Oriental Aromatherapy

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If there is one thing we love, it is celebrities. So why not get a fragrance actually created by them for us? They used only the best perfume supplies to give their fans the best aroma, like the ones you can find in Chemworld Fragrance Factory. Check out these four […]

Smell Like Hollywood: 4 Fragrances by Celebs

Tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger
Spice Girls. Backstreet Boys. Grunge. iMac Computer. Pagers. Harem pants. Furby. These are just some words we immediately associate with the 1990s, the last decade before the big millennium boom. Some 90s kids would call it the last good decade to be a kid. Yes, there were computers but kids […]

Reminisce: Scents of the 90s

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  We here at Chemworld Fragrance Factory love our customers so much we decided to introduce an all new Perfumer’s Club Loyalty Card. This membership card is perfect for all of you who have happily created their own perfume business and joined the perfumery world. How do you join this […]

Perfumer’s Club Loyalty Card

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You must always remember that the primary sense of most domestic animals is their sense of smell. This is the reason why dog food may taste bland but may have a very strong smell or that we use dogs to sniff out potentially harmful or illegal substances in airports or […]

Pets and Scents: Aromatherapy for Pets