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Chemworld_POREX Colored e-Reeds

Reed Diffuser is becoming a popular alternative for home scenting in the Philippines today.

The great thing about reed diffusers is that you don’t have to worry about anything catching fire. You don’t have to constantly check it if there’s enough oil or if the wick is still aflame. No electricity or batteries required as well, so it’s safe and cost effective. All you need are reed sticks, bottle or jar holder, and diffuser oil with the scent of your choice. Just leave it in one place and the scent will spread throughout the room. It’s so easy to use and they last for a really long time.


Introducing the NEW standard for scenting your room with reed diffuser. You will never go back to your old ways once you experience POREX e-Reeds. Made in the USA by POREX and exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Chemworld.

Strong Scent Diffusion

If you have bought a reed diffuser set before, you might have noticed that the scent diffusion is not strong. You sniffed the scent up close, the scent is quite strong, but you can hardly smell it in the entire room. Your problem might be the reed sticks you used. Commonly sold in the market are Rattan reed sticks, which actually have a rather weak scent “throw”. POREX e-Reeds have homogenous porous structure engineered to provide controlled and reliable rate of fragrance release. Your place will instantly transform into aroma heaven!

No Clogging & Flipping

With rattan reed sticks, you need to flip the sticks from time to time to prevent clogging and for the scent to disperse better. You do not need to do this with POREX e-Reeds. Porex e-Reeds are engineered not to clog over time and don’t require “flipping”. You can leave them as is for weeks and still get great scent diffusion everytime.

Color Flexibility

POREX Colored e-reeds have 8 colors you can choose from: white, green, natural (light brown), red, orange, dark brown, black, and blue, all manufactured using color-fast processes and are engineered to prevent color “run” or migration. Porex reeds are designed so that colors will not transfer or stain upon touching.

Want to experience it for yourself? Go to your nearest Chemworld Fragrance Factory store to buy your POREX e-Reeds. Also offered is a wide variety of diffuser oils and jar holders you can choose from. Visit www.fragrancefactory.ph or like us on facebook at: www.facebook.com/fragrancefactoryph.


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