The Beginnings of a Perfumista



It happened one Christmas day, you unwrapped presents and found nothing but the usual until you uncovered a box of perfume and thought to yourself, “I feel special.” You then took a whiff and right there and then, knew two things – yes, it smelled good and yes, you found your signature scent.

Everything was great and then one day, you took up the chance and boldly walked right to the perfume counter at a department store. There you discovered perfume came in all shapes, sizes and scents. You sprayed this and that and even took samples home. Your signature scent has now become questionable and more alarmingly, in that moment, a perfumista was born.

Becoming a perfumista involves four stages:

Stage 1 – Interest.    You like perfume but you’re not obsessed to the point that you can hardly wait to get your hands on new releases. At this stage, you’ve already tried the classics from Chanel No 5 to Patou Joy and you recognize what smells good and the importance of smelling good. With this, you hope to someday find your own signature scent.

Stage 2 Deepened Search.Your drive to know more about perfume deepens and you’re doing quite well at researching where you can find a good price on a bottle you read reviews about. You take chances as you explore perfumes you’ve never tried before. And proudly know how to pronounce words like “chypre.” Now you’re more confident about the smell you’re going for and have dwelled on how to define yourself in a unique scent a couple of times. The search for your signature scent, thus, continues.

Stage 3 – Full-Blown Perfumista.Your to-try list grows more as you stumble upon perfume blogs, magazines, and ads. You now recognize the scents that were created and weren’t by Dolce &Gabbana. You order samples to feed your perfume lust, which then turns into bottles and more bottles. At this stage, finding your signature scent is a lost case and your driving point is to try all the classics – an expensive hobby if I may add. Amidst all of this, you surprise yourself about how you perceive and appreciate different scents. You know what type of musky scents work for you and what type of scents don’t go with your body chemistry.

Stage 4 – The Calm.The last stage describes the humbled and wise perfumista. You narrow down your collection to scents that really speak to you. You trust your own judgment and have more control over swapping away bottles that are irresistible and yet, don’t work for you. You realize that your signature scent is subjective and changes day by day, just like how you dress differently everyday.

Being a perfumista is not about how many bottles of perfume you own but appreciating scents and how it brings deep pleasure to your life. Just like how your fashion choices speak about who you are, your wardrobe of scents does too. It reflects your persona and how good it feels to be yourself and to be alive.

Tell me, how do these 4 stages reflect your own experience?

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