Building Your Fragrance Library

Building Your Fragrance Library

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Someone once said, “Reading is dreaming with your eyes open.” The more you read, the deeper the connection with and knowledge you’ll have about the object of your passion. So for every budding perfume enthusiast out there who pleases to ignite their passion, here are three must-read books to feed your curiosity and keep you inspired with every whiff of parfum:


  1. Perfume: A Story of a Murderer

         Written by: Patrick Suskind

Set in the 18th Century in France, the German cross-genre novel focuses on Jean-Baptiste Grenouille – a perfume apprentice who in his own search to find the “perfect scent,” turns his life into a series of gruesome slays of virgin women. Upon moving to Grasse, the city of the greatest perfumes, Grenouille finds Laure, a young woman whose scent, he believed, would end his search with victory. After years of numerous murders, he had accomplished his life’s greatest goal with the death of his perfume muse. Captured and released, he returns to Paris to die in an equally gruesome slay by a group of low-life people – who because of fascination for Grenouille’s new-found scent, butchered him to pieces and then consumed his whole being.


  1. Smell: The Secret Seducer

         Written by: Piet Vroon

In his writing, Vroon compiles a comprehensive study on the psychology of smell – from the        anatomy and history of olfaction to the impact is has on human behavior. Although he was no perfume expert, he expounded on his theory about why we use perfume, how it affects our daily lives and the connections certain scents may form with experiences, just as how as how we associate smell with pleasure or fear.


  1. The Diary of a Nose: A Year in the Life of a Parfumeur

         Written by: Jean-Claude Ellena

For Jean-Claude Ellena, creating perfume is an art – a result of a well-played out exploration of creativity and inspiration. As the head perfumer at Hermes, he shares his meditations behind some of the world’s greatest fragrances. To him, creating desire from a bottle of perfume begins with a character of a scent enveloped by uniqueness that leaves a trace of lingering burst of blossom. To capture the essence of sensuality, freshness, and elegance in a scent is undeniably a gift he wishes to share with his readers – that they may keep inspired by this enchanting art we know as perfume.

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