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Apple CInnamon
In perfume making, oriental is one of the fragrance families included by Michael Edwards in the fragrance wheel. It is no wonder as the orient has had a strong history of the influence of scents, specifically aromatherapy. We have written down for you two of the most influential oriental countries […]

Bow To The East: Oriental Aromatherapy

Chemworld_Floral Perfection and POREX E-Reed
One of the main ingredients in perfume making is essential oils. Without essential oils, your favorite perfume will not have the fragrance it has nor will it ever be called a perfume. Do not look down on these four flowers as one of them is what powers one of the […]

Fragrant Flowers: The Power of Scents

Chemworld_POREX and Essence Oils
Perfume making is a wonderful art that many would like to master. Just imagine, with a bit of chemistry you are able to create fragrances that can relieve stress! What are the recommended scents to do this? Check out this list of five essences that can help you feel fresh. […]

Feel Fresh Fragrances

Chemworld_Negosyo sa Pabango
Maraming tao na ngayon ang sumusubok na pasukin ang mundo ng pagne-negosyo. Hindi na lamang mga mayayaman o elitista ang nakakapagsimula ng mga ito—maging ang mga karaniwang Pilipino ay kayang-kaya nang magtayo ng sarili nilang kabuhayan. Iba-ibang industriya ang maaaring kabilangan ng mga negosyo; kasama na rito ang paggawa ng […]

Kumikitang Kabuhayan: Paano Magsimula ng Negosyo sa Pabango?

Chemworld_Summer Earning
Oh hey, summer is here! Time to break out the suntan lotion and beach balls or crank up the fans and air conditioner and… what’s that? Your electric bill has practically doubled? Oh no! That is the sole problem of summer. Due to the increased temperatures (which means a hotter […]

Summer Smart: Earn Extra Income During Your Summer Vacay!

Azzaro Now Men by Azzaro
A lot of people look forward to evening parties. It doesn’t happen as often as some parties do, and it requires lots of planning. Ladies get to dress up, wear high heels and be beautiful, while guys get to wear their tuxedos or suits. But before anything else, make sure […]

Woody Perfume Fragrances For Evening Parties

Guess Seductive Blue Homme
Sunshine, beaches and clear blue skies remind you of delicious Summer. For kids, this means a well deserved two month break from school. For adults, a time to escape the city and go in an adventure. What better way to start feeling the Summer vibe than with awesome perfumes that […]

Here Comes The Sun: 6 Fragrances Perfect For Summer

Chemworld_Odd Perfume Ingredients
When you spray on your favorite fragrance, what do you smell? Gardenias? Roses? Chocolate? Oranges? But what is that odd smell? Did something go wrong with perfume making? Here is a list of odd ingredients you never expected to smell in your favorite fragrance. Beaver Abdominal Extract Beaver abdominal extract […]

Perfume is Made of What? Starfish and Other Odd Ingredients

Chemworld_Perfume Wearing
A lot of people think that when you use perfume, you just simply spray it anywhere and you’re good to go. Wrong! Perfume making is  a delicate art which requires precise measurements and patience, do not let your perfume making efforts go to waste by not applying perfume properly. Here […]

The Dos and Donts of Perfume Wearing

Have you ever felt confused when picking out a fragrance in the mall? Types of fragrances can be confusing, but if you understand their basic differences, it will  be easier to pick one that suits you. This is also useful if you are making your own perfume! Chemworld Fragrance Factory […]

Perfume 101: Eau De Parfum, Toilette and Cologne

Chemworld_Hydro-Alcoholic Perfume 2
Perfume making happens to be quite beautiful. It is the perfect blend of art and science. It is delicate and long lasting, a balancing act. One false blend for your perfume making business means you will have to start all over again. A lot of you might be wondering about […]

Perfume 101: Hydro-alcoholic or Oil-based perfume–What’s the Difference?

Fragrance Factory - The Perfect Date
They say first impressions last, and for dates, it probably is true. So here are a few tips and tricks you can take to make sure that you’ll have an awesome date: Plan It All Out Like everything else in life, it’s always best to have a plan in mind. […]

7 Steps To A Perfect Date: Don’t Leave It To ...