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If there is one thing we love, it is celebrities. So why not get a fragrance actually created by them for us? They used only the best perfume supplies to give their fans the best aroma, like the ones you can find in Chemworld Fragrance Factory. Check out these four […]

Smell Like Hollywood: 4 Fragrances by Celebs

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You must always remember that the primary sense of most domestic animals is their sense of smell. This is the reason why dog food may taste bland but may have a very strong smell or that we use dogs to sniff out potentially harmful or illegal substances in airports or […]

Pets and Scents: Aromatherapy for Pets

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Many people say that men are harder to shop for than women. For ladies, some say, all you have to do is give her perfume, a bag or jewelry and you are good to go! But men? Pretty tricky. Which is why your number one perfume supplies store, Chemworld Fragrance […]

For Father: Gifts for Father’s Day

Benefits of Meditation
  Breathe in, breathe out. Relax and release the tension. Meditation can do this and a lot more if you practice it regularly.  People may think that meditation is just all about calming down but in truth, it is a lot more than that. A great number of people consider […]

The Power of Meditation

Herrera Aqua by Caroline Herrera
Drink in the rays of the sun and the blue waves of the water as you enjoy this hot, summer season. While you are at it, why not spray on some perfume as you bask under the sun? Create these fragrances with perfume supplies from Chemworld Fragrance Factory and your […]

“I Just Wanna Have Sun!” Aquatic Fragrances Perfect for Summer

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Starting a perfume business happens to be a great way to earn money quickly and easily. After all, when practically everything except for the brand name is provided for you, wouldn’t you want to enter the industry too? Speaking of brand name, have you thought of what you are going […]

Developing Brand Identity: Coming Up With the Perfect Brand Name

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May is known to be the month of flowers in the Philippines as we celebrate Flores de Mayo all month long, ending it with the Santacruzan at the end of the month. Since you cannot carry around a flower the whole day, why not just make a fragrance using Chemworld’s […]

Flower Power: Floral Fragrances for May

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Mother’s day is coming up and one of the hardest things to do is getting her a Mother’s Day present. Sometimes a simple “I love you” isn’t enough to show how much we appreciate them. To help you out, Chemworld Fragrance Factory, your one stop shop for your perfume supplies, […]

I love you, Mom! Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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  Reed Diffuser is becoming a popular alternative for home scenting in the Philippines today. The great thing about reed diffusers is that you don’t have to worry about anything catching fire. You don’t have to constantly check it if there’s enough oil or if the wick is still aflame. […]

Home Scent Worth Your Every Cent

Coming home from work, all you want is peace at home. Or if you are staying at home the whole day, what you want is a cozy, warm atmosphere. It’s easy to achieve that. Apart from getting your perfume supplies, you can start sharing that peaceful ambiance by giving your […]

Home Is Where The Heart Is: 5 Ways To Create ...

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Everyone wants to start their very own business. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? You won’t have to answer to anyone, won’t have to worry if you’re running late. But it does take some guts to start a business. Apart from saving money for capital, you will need […]

Business Checklist: What You Need To Know When Starting A ...

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Sometimes a person needs an ample amount of time when choosing what book to buy, clothes to wear, food to order, and so on. The same is true when choosing a scent that best represents you. Testing out perfumes from various perfume suppliers is more than just liking a scent, […]

7 Tips In Choosing The Perfect Fragrance For You