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Starting a perfume business happens to be a great way to earn money quickly and easily. After all, when practically everything except for the brand name is provided for you, wouldn’t you want to enter the industry too? Speaking of brand name, have you thought of what you are going to name yours? Most people would think it is an easy task when in truth, it can take hours and days of thinking of your own label.

To help you out, check out these tips for coming up with the perfect brand name for you and your business.



When it comes to tattoos, you want to remain significant. You want that design to be yours and yours only. After all, this tattoo is your identifier, something unique that people can easily remember about you. Same with branding, what you want is to be unique and to stand out among all those other brands. In addition to this, having a unique brand name will make it easier for you to get a Facebook page or a domain. What you want is when someone says the name of your product, other people will immediately know that what they are referring to is your brand.

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Short and Simple

Have you ever encountered a product name that is so long, you don’t even know what to call the product anymore? Try to avoid this by thinking of a name that is short and simple. If your product name gets too long, your target market just might have to resort to abbreviations that just might not be as pleasing to the ear like your own brand name is. Try to keep it one to three words in length only. Remember, the longer it is the harder it will be for your market to remember your label.


Take Note of Your Logo

There are times when the logo and the brand name come hand in hand. Take the logo for “Apple” as an example. What you have is a bitten apple which is also the name of the business. Brand name= logo. It is as easy as that. Now every time a person will see that item or logo, they will now forever associate it with you.

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Easy to Say, Easy to Write

As discussed a bit earlier, what you need is a brand name that is short so as your consumers will not come up with highly unpleasant mnemonics for your brand. In connection with this, what you also want is a name that is easy to say and easy to write. You may have followed the principle of simple and short but if the name is derived from some foreign language that it is highly unpronounceable, stop. Grab a pen and think of a name that can be easily pronounced and spelled by a third grader. If they cannot spell it, how do you think will they be able to search your product on the internet?



You can create a brand name that carries the story of your product. People will wonder why it is named that way. They will be encouraged to research and therefore, gain interest in the backstory of your brand.

It may take some time but that is perfectly alright. Remember, once you come up with a brand name, it will be very difficult to change it as your customers will, from that point on, associate it with you and your product.

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