Effective Essential Oils To Increase Productivity

Chemworld_Essential Oils to Increase Productive

Entering the perfume business industry is a brilliant idea for those who want to earn fast. It is also a great way to earn money on the side. But what if your problem is that you aren’t as productive as you wish in the office? You may be earning a lot with your perfumery business but when it comes to the office; your output is not satisfactory to your standards? Here is a solution to your problem: essential oils.

Believe it or not, fragrances can actually help increase one’s productivity. In a study conducted by the largest fragrance manufacturer in Japan, Takasago discovered that fragrances can affect the efficiency of typists. 54% made fewer errors when a lemon scent was smelled. 33% of the typists were able to make lesser error when a Jasmine fragrance was smelled. When a Lavender scent was smelled, 20% made fewer mistakes.

Let’s learn more about the essential oils you can use with your POREX diffusers.

Chemworld_Lemon Essential Oil


As mentioned earlier, Lemon proved to be the best scent to increase one’s productivity in the office.  So what can a sniff of lemon do to you? It can clear one’s thoughts, energize you and lessen your anxiety. In addition to this, it can also sharpen your mind. Here’s a little bonus for you: did you know that lemon has antioxidant properties? It can also help your body get rid of unwanted toxins. This essential oil is produced by cold pressing, which ensures that the scent you smell is very close to the scent produced by the actual fruit. It is no wonder that it is one of the top picks of many for a refreshing scent that will definitely perk you up.

Chemworld_Jasmine Essential Oils


Giving the second best results in the study is Jasmine, a fragrant white flower originally from the far eastern countries of India and China.  It is one flower that has been used for centuries in numerous rituals and ceremonies by countries in Asia. Although it has a distinctly feminine look, it is known to be the “King of Essences” or “King of Essential Oils” and for a very good reason. This sweet, delicate flower carries a strong and rich aroma that many can even describe as masculine. Despite it being described by masses as a great relaxant, studies have shown that this fragrance encourages your brain’s beta rhythms, which are often associated with mental alertness. It also shows that Jasmine can empty your mind, make it alert and reduce depression. It is also great for profession that requires creative thinking (such as graphic artists or writers) as it can increase one’s imagination.  No wonder it’s such an effective scent when it comes to increasing productivity in the workplace!

Chemworld_Lavender Essential Oils


It had the third best results but the numbers do not lie: if 20% of the test subjects performed better isn’t that something to consider? Lavender is known as a relaxant, to the point that when one thinks of a fragrance to relieve stress, the first scent most would think of is lavender. This purple flower originated in the old world, which is also known as Afro-Eurasia. Despite being known as more of a flower of fragrance, this blossom can also be used in cooking. It can ease tension, lower blood pressure, relieve stress and it can also actually refresh your mind. In addition, Lavender can also lessen agitation and anxiety. So are you ready with your lavender essential oil?

Chemworld_Fruity Jasmine

If you would like increase your productivity in your workplace, why not try Chemworld Fragrance Factory’s Pure Lavender essential oils for your POREX diffusers? If you would like to mix it up a little, try Fruity Jasmine or Lavender and Chamomile to achieve a success rate like no other.

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