For Father: Gifts for Father’s Day

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Many people say that men are harder to shop for than women. For ladies, some say, all you have to do is give her perfume, a bag or jewelry and you are good to go! But men? Pretty tricky. Which is why your number one perfume supplies store, Chemworld Fragrance Factory, has compiled a list of presents you can give this Father’s day. Read on and find out the perfect present for your dear old dad this Sunday.


Cook His Favorite Dish

“The way to man’s heart is through his stomach.” Is a common saying that all women aged ten and above knows. Does it have something to do with the way the dish looks? Or does it have something to do with how delicious the dish is? Actually, according to some it is because preparing a meal takes so much time, effort, and patience to do. Your father will notice all the work you have put into making his favorite meal. Never mind the fact that the steak is a bit on the burnt side or that the presentation isn’t that well executed; what matters is you tried, something that he will definitely appreciate.

Men's Fragrance

His Favorite Perfume

One of the things that make a really strong first impression is fragrance. From just one smell of the other person’s perfume, you can already tell if they have cheap, classy or expensive taste. This may be why it can be so difficult to choose a fragrance to give your father this coming father’s day so here’s a little tip for you: weeks or days before your shopping trip, observe what fragrance he wears the most. Check his perfumes and list it down. Or simply ask your mother because we bet she knows it. Write it down and voila, you now know what to get him for father’s day. If you want, you can even create this fragrance just by attending Chemworld Fragrance Factory’s perfume making seminar. It’s that easy!

Key Holder

Key Holder

A man can only handle so many keys at one time. In fact, one phrase that you may have heard more than once at home is “Have you seen my keys?”  Solve this little problem by buying or creating for your father a key holder that he can hang on the wall. You can even customize it with his name, just to let him know that it is exclusively for his use. Put it near the door so he can just grab ‘em as he hurries off for another busy day at work.

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For any dad out there, the best way to start the day is with a nice big cup of coffee. This coming father’s day, why not present daddy-o with a bag of gourmet coffee along with a customized mug? That is one present he will surely use every day. Or to maintain that caffeine boost the whole day, give him Chemworld Fragrance Factory’s Coffee Blend or Coffee Latte essential oil paired with POREX diffuser reeds.

As you give your present, do not forget to say thank you because without him, you would not be where you are today. Happy Father’s day!

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