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We here at Chemworld Fragrance Factory love our customers so much we decided to introduce an all new Perfumer’s Club Loyalty Card. This membership card is perfect for all of you who have happily created their own perfume business and joined the perfumery world.

How do you join this club? What are the requirements? What about the old members? Details are as follows.


First you have to simply fill up the application form. For the areas that are not applicable to you, kindly write down N/A.

Along with the form, fulfill any of these three requirements:

  1. To be an instant Perfumer’s Club member, all you have to do is present valid ID and pay the fee of five hundred pesos.
  2. If you are able to reach five hundred points (or ten thousand pesos), present the sales invoice with confirmation of five hundred points accumulation and a single valid ID.
  3. Have accumulated five hundred points over a six month period using your temporary Loyalty Card.

Once the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements and they have been verified by the management, the Perfumer’s Loyalty Card along with an instruction manual will be given to the newest member.  You don’t need to wait for days or weeks to use this card. In fact, you can use it to get points immediately after it has been issued to you.


The reason you joined the Perfumer’s Loyalty Club is for the perks and great discounts you get every time you present this card at your nearest Chemworld Fragrance Factory branch. .

There are two benefits:

  1. For every twenty pesos you spend, you get one reward point which is equivalent to one peso.
  2. Outright Discount. For every 49,000 spent, you get a five percent discount. For 50,000 to 99,999 you get a seven percent discount and for a hundred thousand above, a ten percent discount. This discount is applicable to any credit card or installment purchase.

To avail of these benefits, please do not forget to bring your card. Remember, no card no points.  If you would like to redeem your rebate points, please present one valid ID along with your card.

Transfer of Records

The moment you are qualified for the membership, the account will be transferred to the new account along with a new account number. Your record will be maintained but the rebate points will be discarded.

Old Members

For those who have been members from 2004-2015, you need not worry about your benefits as you automatically qualify for the new program. Any rebate points from the old program will NOT be carried over to the new.

Expiration and Renewal

The membership will expire one year after being issued to you. Do not worry about those unused rebate points accumulated over the last year as they will be carried over as long as you renew your account.

Chemworld Fragrance Factory will always be here for all your perfumery needs. What are you waiting for? Join our Perfumer’s Club now!

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