Pets and Scents: Aromatherapy for Pets

Chemworld_Pets and Aromatherapy

You must always remember that the primary sense of most domestic animals is their sense of smell. This is the reason why dog food may taste bland but may have a very strong smell or that we use dogs to sniff out potentially harmful or illegal substances in airports or docks.

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When dealing with cats, be especially cautious as cats tend to be more sensitive to essential oils than dogs. Here are a few dos and donts when it comes to using essential oils on your furry friend:

  • DO heavily dilute your essential oil before using it on your pet. Using pure essential oil on your animal can only harm them.
  • DO get your essential oil from a reputable company like Chemworld Fragrance Factory. By doing so, you are ensured that the quality of the essential oil you purchased is of the best, thus making it safer for your animal companion.
  • DO store your essential oils in a dark bottle such as an amber flask and place it in a dark location.
  • DO keep it away from flammable areas such as the kitchen because there are some varieties of essential oils that are quite flammable.
  • DO NOT purchase your essential oil from a sidewalk vendor or weekend market. You cannot be too sure of their essential oil’s quality. Of course, there are some trustworthy companies who join these sorts of fairs but if one is new to the world of essential oils, it is best to do your research on the company’s reputation before purchasing from their store. With Chemworld Fragrance Factory, you are sure to have essential oils of the highest quality; no need to research us.

Not all scents can be used on your best friend. Some may have an adverse effect such as peppermint. There was once a case where the pet owner spread just a single drop of pure peppermint oil on his cat’s stomach. This caused poisoning to the feline which lead to a two day stay in the hospital for this little kitty.

The Top Five Essential Oils You Must Avoid Are:

Citrus Oil

Citrus Oils

Although citrus oils are often marketed as pet friendly anti flea products, the unfortunate thing is many of them are not. Canines and especially felines are very sensitive to it and using citrus oils may lead to seizure and even death.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is excellent for humans but not for animals. One of its components, terpenoids, is highly poisonous to cats even when diluted. Never ever use this oil when your animal is around.

Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen Oil

One of the components of wintergreen oil is methyl salicyte which is highly toxic to dogs as it can cause stomach, Liver and kidney problems or even death.

Wormwood Oil


Despite many people suggesting wormwood as a treatment for worm infestations, there have been reports of it causing really bad problems in animals including seizures and neurotoxicity.

The Top Oils You Can Use for Your Animals Are:

Chemworld_Lavender Essential Oil


One of the best known relaxants has got to be lavender oil. It can be used to ease away anxiety and of course, relax your pet. It can even help solve car sickness problems as well as relieve allergies.

Helichrysum Oil


A little known herb, helichrysum happens to have some of the best therapeutic properites. It can help solve neurological problems such as repair of nerve damage and speed up healing.  It is also a very powerful anti-inflammatory.

Frankincense Oil


Known as one of the three gifts given by the magi, frankincense is a great immune system booster. It also helps reduce the size of cancerous tumours as well as ulcers.

Niaouli Oil


You may have read that tea tree oil is extremely toxic for animals so here is a safe alternative: Niaouli. It generally has the same properties but it definitely won’t poison your pet. It has antibacterial and anti-allergy properties.

Chemworld_POREX Colored e-Reeds

It is perfectly fine to spend a little more cash when it comes to using the essential oil for your pet. If you’d like, why not try Chemworld’s Pure Lavender essential oil? And with POREX Colored E-Reeds, your room will be flooded with this relaxing scent that your pet will surely love. Not only will it relax your best buddy but you as well.

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