Project Ylang-Ylang: Bringing Back The Philippines On Top


In the 1800’s, “Manila Ylang-Ylang oil” was considered the best and the finest. The Philippines had a virtual monopoly of the world’s supply.

Subsequently, the French navigators introduced the fragrant Philippine tree to their colonies, after realizing Ylang-Ylang’s economic potential in the perfume industry. Vast commercial plantations were developed in Madagascar and Comoros. These French colonies in the Indian Ocean became the dominant sources of the Ylang-Ylang oil. Thus began the painful death of the Philippine industry in the early 1900’s.



It’s time we put back the Philippines as the leading source of the finest Ylang-Ylang oil in the world.

Project Ylang-Ylang aims to achieve the following:

+ Reforestation of 1,000+ hectares of barren mountains with Ylang-Ylang trees through the DENR National Greening Program and the indigenous people organizations of the 2nd District of Pangasinan
+ Establishment of world-class essential oil distillation and extraction facility by Chemworld
+ Export marketing agreement by Chemworld with the world’s top fragrance houses



The Ylang-Ylang trees start to flower in 5 years. In the meantime, the indigenous people who live in the mountains to plant and nurture the trees need our support. They need seedlings, fertilizers and infrastructure for irrigation. They need other means of livelihood while waiting for the trees to flower.

Let us give them our support. Let us support Project Ylang-Ylang!


The good people from the 2nd District of Pangasinan.



Mr. Fred C. Reyes, President and CEO of Chemworld Marketing Corp.










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