Scent Marketing: The Next Big Thing

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There are certain scents that hold the ability to create long-lasting memories and bring forth positive emotions from a single experience. Imagine if the smell of the ocean breeze on a hot summer’s day can take you back to your happiest moments by the beach. It was only a matter of time until the powerful connection between scents and marketing had been discovered as a tool in achieving brand recognition.

Smell, they say, is the most powerful of the five senses. More than visual and auditory cues, memory-recall is most productive when the sense of smell is added to an experience. And because it is closely tied to human memories and emotions, certain businesses found the need to capitalize on custom fragrances or “Scent Marketing” to differentiate their brand from competitors.

Scent Marketing is just one of many awareness tactics. Think of it as a your brand’s logo – a new dimension of your business which could help you, the business owner, reach your targeted audience through scent memories and with an emotional impact. If done correctly, finding the right scent can help enhance consumer behavior, especially when it comes to evaluation and purchase intention.

How is a branded scent made? In the hotel industry, for instance, big players invest in signature fragrances as a creative strategy to gain brand and emotional loyalty and in turn, increase sales. They tap scent-branding firms or consultants to help them create THE right scent logo. In order to achieve this, scent-branders need to consider everything about the brand, including its marketing messaging, target audience, interior, down to the establishment’s surrounding. After months of detailed research and experimentation has passed, they then present the client with choices of scents. Once the hotel has found a scent match, it’s time to put it to the test. This is probably the most crucial part of the process as the evenness and accuracy of the scent is determined by the right delivery method.

Despite how costly a custom scent is and the risks it may pose to the business, more and more hotels continue to dive into the idea of Scent Marketing. According to studies, hotel guests remember what they smell clearer than what they see or hear and whether the scent impact is positive or negative, becomes an association to the brand. Hey, isn’t that brand recognition still?

Today, smell is more than just a sense or a fact of life; it completes the totality of every human experience, creating memories that may last forever.

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