Summer Smart: Earn Extra Income During Your Summer Vacay!

Chemworld_Summer Earning

Oh hey, summer is here! Time to break out the suntan lotion and beach balls or crank up the fans and air conditioner and… what’s that? Your electric bill has practically doubled? Oh no! That is the sole problem of summer. Due to the increased temperatures (which means a hotter home) you are forced to open more electric fans and use the air conditioner more often. This of course means that your electric bill will increase. To solve that problem, how about earning some extra income this summer? Why not a perfume making business supplied by Chemworld Fragrance Factory?

Here are three awesome reasons to convince you.

Easy To Set Up

It’s so easy you hardly have to break a sweat! You might think that entering the perfume business world would be difficult and would be a hassle but actually, it is really easy.

First, call up the nearest Chemworld Fragrance Factory branch to schedule a perfume making seminar. Do not worry, the seminar is not expensive. Chemworld Fragrance Factory currently offers perfume making seminars for just 500 pesos. Call 09227598353 to make your appointment and schedule your workshop. Included in the seminar is an orientation about Chemworld and about the perfume world (including the different formulas for Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Aftershave, and Body Splash).

At the end of the orientation, you get to create your own perfume! Everything, from the fragrance oil to the equipment, will be provided by Chemworld. You are given a certificate afterwards, then you may already purchase the materials you need. Yup, the same place you have your workshop is the same place where you can purchase your perfume supplies. Isn’t that convenient?

Begin by getting the Starter Kit A or B. Or, if you are feeling rather confident, you may already purchase in bulk. If you are having difficulty choosing what fragrances to create, we here at Chemworld Fragrance Factory will only be too happy to assist! Just visit one of our ten stores nationwide and let our consultants help you out.

Fast Income

Since summer is just a couple of months, what you need is a fast way to earn money to pay off that extra amount in your electric bills. A perfume making business is definitely your best choice. After creating your perfume, all you have to do is transfer it into bottles, slap on a label and sell it to your friends at a significant markup.

Want an example? Let us say that it costs you around 75 pesos to create a bottle of perfume. You can sell it for a hundred fifty pesos and people will buy because they know that it is worth it. Take away the expense and voila! Instant profit. Plus, it is summer. People want perfume because they want to smell good the whole day. Your customers will definitely be flocking to you once you open your perfume business.

Year Round

Having a perfumery business does not mean you must limit it to the summer months. You can continue doing it throughout the year. Fragrance is not a seasonal thing; it is not limited to the Summer season only. People will continue using perfume as long as there is a steady supply and a large number of scents to choose from. Feeling happy? Then pick a sunny fragrance! Feeling romantic? Spray on some soft, floral perfume! Create a wide range of scents and for sure your customers will be looking for you all year long.

Perfume is not limited. It can create memories, it can be a gift and it can refresh you. That is the magic of perfume, something that Chemworld Fragrance Factory is always happy to help you create.

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