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Apple CInnamon
In perfume making, oriental is one of the fragrance families included by Michael Edwards in the fragrance wheel. It is no wonder as the orient has had a strong history of the influence of scents, specifically aromatherapy. We have written down for you two of the most influential oriental countries […]

Bow To The East: Oriental Aromatherapy

Chemworld_Celebrity Perfumes
If there is one thing we love, it is celebrities. So why not get a fragrance actually created by them for us? They used only the best perfume supplies to give their fans the best aroma, like the ones you can find in Chemworld Fragrance Factory. Check out these four […]

Smell Like Hollywood: 4 Fragrances by Celebs

Tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger
Spice Girls. Backstreet Boys. Grunge. iMac Computer. Pagers. Harem pants. Furby. These are just some words we immediately associate with the 1990s, the last decade before the big millennium boom. Some 90s kids would call it the last good decade to be a kid. Yes, there were computers but kids […]

Reminisce: Scents of the 90s

CFF Loyalty Card Blog Ad
  We here at Chemworld Fragrance Factory love our customers so much we decided to introduce an all new Perfumer’s Club Loyalty Card. This membership card is perfect for all of you who have happily created their own perfume business and joined the perfumery world. How do you join this […]

Perfumer’s Club Loyalty Card

Chemworld_Lavender Essential Oil
You must always remember that the primary sense of most domestic animals is their sense of smell. This is the reason why dog food may taste bland but may have a very strong smell or that we use dogs to sniff out potentially harmful or illegal substances in airports or […]

Pets and Scents: Aromatherapy for Pets

Ocean Breeze and Mountain Fresh
There are a number of people who are very into astrology. Some of them may want to purchase the ideal fragrance appropriate for their zodiac from your perfume business. To help you out, we have listed down all 12 signs along with their prominent characteristics and essential oil. Aries (March […]

Zodiac Scents

Chemworld_Essence Oils and POREX 2
Many people say that men are harder to shop for than women. For ladies, some say, all you have to do is give her perfume, a bag or jewelry and you are good to go! But men? Pretty tricky. Which is why your number one perfume supplies store, Chemworld Fragrance […]

For Father: Gifts for Father’s Day

Chemworld_Floral Perfection and POREX E-Reed
One of the main ingredients in perfume making is essential oils. Without essential oils, your favorite perfume will not have the fragrance it has nor will it ever be called a perfume. Do not look down on these four flowers as one of them is what powers one of the […]

Fragrant Flowers: The Power of Scents

Chemworld_POREX and Essence Oils
Perfume making is a wonderful art that many would like to master. Just imagine, with a bit of chemistry you are able to create fragrances that can relieve stress! What are the recommended scents to do this? Check out this list of five essences that can help you feel fresh. […]

Feel Fresh Fragrances

Benefits of Meditation
  Breathe in, breathe out. Relax and release the tension. Meditation can do this and a lot more if you practice it regularly.  People may think that meditation is just all about calming down but in truth, it is a lot more than that. A great number of people consider […]

The Power of Meditation

Chemworld_Fruity Jasmine
Entering the perfume business industry is a brilliant idea for those who want to earn fast. It is also a great way to earn money on the side. But what if your problem is that you aren’t as productive as you wish in the office? You may be earning a […]

Effective Essential Oils To Increase Productivity

Chemworld_Negosyo sa Pabango
Maraming tao na ngayon ang sumusubok na pasukin ang mundo ng pagne-negosyo. Hindi na lamang mga mayayaman o elitista ang nakakapagsimula ng mga ito—maging ang mga karaniwang Pilipino ay kayang-kaya nang magtayo ng sarili nilang kabuhayan. Iba-ibang industriya ang maaaring kabilangan ng mga negosyo; kasama na rito ang paggawa ng […]

Kumikitang Kabuhayan: Paano Magsimula ng Negosyo sa Pabango?