5 Reasons Why February Is The Perfect Month To Start Your Own Perfumery Business

Starting a business is hard, definitely. Whether it’s a small scale business or a large one, there will be challenges ahead. But if you’re dedicated and passionate about your business, well, you can do anything!

And that’s exactly how you can start a perfumery business here in the Philippines. All you need to do is take that first step… you’ll never know, you might just hit the jackpot.

Here are reasons why you should start your own perfumery business now:

You can start a perfume business with little capital.

Chemworld Starter Kit A

Has budget been your main obstacle to start a business? You’re in luck because Chemworld Fragrance Factory provides the highest quality perfumery supplies at very affordable price points. If you want to try your hand at making perfume, get Chemworld’s Starter Kit A and for only 3,500 Pesos you can start blending your own perfume. It can produce up to 80 bottles of 10 ml perfume! It’s easy to make and easy to sell, we’re pretty sure you will love it once you’ve tried it.

Chemworld Fragrance Factory has perfume making seminars and workshops which you can attend. They will also teach you how to establish your own brand and find your niche market. It’s an all in one deal!

You can earn up to 3 times of what it costs for you to make.

Earning thrice of what you spent on your perfume business is as sweet if not sweeter than receiving three red roses on Valentine’s day! Earn that extra budget to go on that long overdue romantic vacation. No more singing the song “When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive.” If you sell all the perfume you’ve produced, you will immediately experience the big return on investment that other businesses or franchise options can’t deliver.

keep calm and earn money

It is not costly to produce your own perfume – thus the little capital it requires. But what you will be able to produce is at par with the best-seller signature scents out in the market today. Even if you sell it at a more reasonable price, you can still earn up to 3x the costs you put out when you started.

Everyone’s in a Generous Mood


Couples aren’t the only ones giving gifts on February. Kids give their parents Valentine’s gifts, too! So do barkadas to their friends, students to their teachers, and employees to their boss. It’s basically like Christmas where everyone is filled with generosity and love. Perfumes are perfect gifts to show appreciation to the people in your life. You can make customized perfumes and labels especially made for your customers’ loved ones. You can also choose to start a line of perfumes perfect for romantic love, platonic love, and all the different kinds of love in the world.

You Need To Smell Good To Go on Dates

Spraying Perfume

One of the things couples do on Valentine’s Day is to go out and have dinner dates with their special someone. You would want to look special, stylish, and spectacular. But no matter how hard you’ve prepared for your date, it probably won’t go well if you or your partner smells like they’ve been marinating in their own sweat for hours. Complete night ruiner? Yes, definitely. This is the perfect time to sell perfumes both to old and young couples who are prepping up for a magical and wonderful night as well as singles who are actively in a quest to find their partner.

February is a time of romance.

Romantic Date

Let’s not forget what February is about, it’s the love month! There are a lot of things that are associated with romance like flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. But what better way to spread the love than through fragrance! And you know what’s better? If you’re the one who made the perfume yourself! Not only can you sell the perfume, but you’re sharing you and you’re loved one’s symbol of love. So spread the love by making your signature perfume!

When 2 Become 1

Thinking of an alternative Valentine’s day activity? Check out Chemworld Fragrance Factory’s Perfume Making for TWO.

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